Turn-off User Account Control (UAC)


Now, there’s a lot of talk about the new User Account Control policy in Vista, and all I can say is that it annoys the heck out of 99% of users and slows down normal computer usage. To turn it off, the easiest way is to:

1. Click the Start (Windows) button
2. Select the Control Panel
3. Type in ‘UAC‘ into the search bar
4. It’ll bring up a search result of ‘Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off’
5. Just follow the prompts from there

Much better, eh? You might say ‘but what’s that got to do with speed?’ It prompts you at least a couple times an hour and then takes several seconds to figure itself out. Without these annoying prompts, your productivity goes up, so therefore it’s a speed enhancer.


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