See you Restart time


1. Click on the download button below to download the file.

2. Click on Save, and save the file to the desktop.

3. Open the file and extract the Restart-Time.vbs file to the desktop.

(click on image to see larger image view)

4. Right click on the Restart-Time.vbs file, and click on Properties.

5. Under the General tab, click on the Unblock button to unblock the Restart-Time.vbs file.
NOTE: If you do not have a Unblock button, then it is already unblocked. Continue to step 6.

6. Click on the Restart-Time.vbs file to run it.

7. Click on OK to restart the computer.
WARNING: Close and save all windows first. This will immediately restart your computer.

8. When the computer finishes restarting, you will see your Windows 7 restart time. Click on OK when done.

9. You can now delete the downloaded .zip and .vbs files on the desktop if you like, or save them somewhere to use again later.

Windows 7 Trick Video


Remove Windows XP system software


XP hides some system software you might want to remove, such as Windows Messenger, but you can tickle it and make it disgorge everything. Using Notepad or Edit, edit the text file /windows/inf/sysoc.inf, search for the word 'hide' and remove it. You can then go to the Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, select Add/Remove Windows Components and there will be your prey, exposed and vulnerable.

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